It's that time of year for the annual SJSU Hockey Alumni Festivities! This year the game will be played on Sunday, April 9th from 1:30pm-3:30pm at Solar4America Ice at San Jose. Details for the game are listed below. If you are an SJSU Hockey Alumnus and are interested in playing in the game please visit the ALUMNI SIGN-UP PAGE. After filling out the form, you will be sent a Square invoice to make your donation. All participants must submit a form and make a donation in order to be eligible to play in the game.

Note: The deadline to sign up is April 2nd.


Game Details:
The game will start at 1:30pm and will feature the 2016-17 SJSU Hockey squad vs. the SJSU Hockey Alumni All-Stars. After a short warm-up period the two teams will play three 20-minute stop-time periods with 1 ice cut. There will be time allowed for post-game photos on the ice.

Note: The SJSU Hockey All-Star Squad will be selected from the pool of players that sign up for the game based on the following well-established criteria: 1) earned degree from SJSU, 2) number of years played and 3) judgment about whether you can still play hockey. Any players who signed up for the game that are not named to the game roster will offered a refund; though a donation would certainly still be welcome!

What Participants Will Receive
In addition to the ice time and the thrill of throwing on the blue and gold Spartan sweater one more time, each Alumni participant will receive a thank you package for their participation and generous donation, including:

- Digital Download of Black Dog Enterprises' video coverage of the game ($30.00 value)
- Two (2) free tickets for family members to attend the event ($20.00 value)
- $10.00 food/drink voucher for Stanley's, good day of event only ($10.00 value)

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