Steve Stich
Seasons Played: 1989-1994
Position: Founder, President, General Manager, occasional Forward
Current City of Residence: Baltimore, MD
Job: Librarian for Science and Engineering, The John's Hopkins University, Baltimore
Memories of SJSU Hockey: Finding enough bodies willing to play on a team that didn't exist. Putting together an exhibition schedule of games for a team that barely existed. Scoring THE GOAL (thanks for that assist Jim Campbell). Taking the team on our first big road trip (car pools and train to Eugene) without a coach, and playing in front of 2000 fans at the University of Oregon, losing and still having children waiting at the locker room door for player autographs.

My first meeting with Ron Glasow: The man, myth and legend! The storied past of Rick Angevine. Skating on the same as ice as Elliot Chung and Gord Turner. Our first two PCHA championships. Lou Siville: the greatest roommate ever! Elliot Chung's plastic-bag-full-of-fun on the Oregon bus trip. Duane Anthony 'Tony' F#@*ing Bennett. The retiring of my jersey No. 51. Some good players, great guys, fly's eyes, and Pizza-Pizza!

Don Hoekwater
Seasons: 2004-2006
Position: Photographer, Web Designer, & Sports Information Director
Current City of Residence: Walnut Creek, CA
Job: Web Communications Specialist for Shaklee Corporation and Photographer
Favorite SJSU Hockey Moment: Can't beat the trips to Nationals, but my fondest moment was Scarzy's winning goal in OT against USC. It was 2004. Not only the goal itself but capturing the puck as it went into the net, then getting the reaction as Scarzy jumped on Ray Kellam. Every time I look at that image it brings back the feeling of that victory. I'm so grateful and happy to have been a part of this group.

Chris Lee
Seasons Played: 1998-2006
Position: Center, Defenseman
Current City of Residence: Milpitas, CA
Job: New Home Sales
Memories of SJSU Hockey: You just can’t beat the camaraderie of a hockey team. I tried to walk away from SJSU hockey two times, and each time, I just came crawling back. You can’t make better friends than the ones you make playing the game. As much as I enjoyed my early years, I have to say that the last two years sealed the deal for me. When the fans came out in droves and became a true fan base, that’s when SJSU hockey hit home for me. Nothing got us more pumped up than having fans two-deep along the glass, talking trash above the visitor’s locker room, and my favorite chant of “OVER-RATED!!”

When I first joined the team, we had never beaten the likes of Weber State, Utah State, Colorado, and Colorado State. During my last year, we beat all of them. When I went to Nationals my rookie year, deep inside, I knew we didn’t have a chance. In 2006, I was pissed off more than ever because we felt that we should and could have won the whole damn thing. My best personal memory of SJSU hockey was scoring the game winner in overtime against the University of Colorado in their home rink in 2005. We had never beaten any school from Colorado until that goal. I just remember standing there with my hands in the air and watching the rest of the team jump over the boards and fly towards me like bats outta hell with the greatest smiles on their faces.

That and shaving Villy’s head when he was a rookie.

Ray Kellam
Seasons Played: 2000-2006
Position: Forward
Current City of Residence: San Jose, CA
Job: Director of Marketing for ServiceMaster Clean in San Jose Ray got married to Kaycee Kellam Sept 18, 2009 in. He met Kaycee through coaching her younger brother in ice hockey. Ray is currently volunteer coaching in his spare time for the local youth hockey program, the Santa Clara Blackhawks and has been doing so since 2004. He is also the head coach of both Bellarmine's JV, 1 and 2 teams. Ray was also a founder of The Hockey Pond ( which is run by former Spartan and current Assistant Coach Ian Fazzi.
Memories of SJSU Hockey: On the ice, it was beating Penn State in 2005 at Nationals in overtime. Off the ice, I have a fondness for getting the van stuck in the field behind the hotel at nationals in Rochester, New York in 2006 and having the entire team come out in the pitch black and help push it out. Then Max Ramsay got it stuck on the front lawn of some of Ian Fazzi's friends' house from when he played at R.I.T. It rained a lot before that weekend. There were too many memories to sift through and pick one. These were the greatest six years of my life thus far. I will miss playing for State dearly and it was always be a part of who I am. Thank you Steve Stich for starting it all. Thank you so much to Ron Glasow as well for being there ever since day one.

Jon Barney
Seasons Played: 1999-2005
Position: Treasurer/Assistant Captain/Center/Left Wing/PUNISHER
Current City of Residence: Gold Canyon, AZ
Job: GM of Engineering, ACEndresen
Memories of SJSU Hockey: The best memory I could think about is the sound after hitting someone and hearing the fans come alive in the loudest barn in the west. We were a family. I remember Eric Lahrs doing doughnuts with the van in Colorado. I remember saving Lonny Lovins life one game against Palmer. I remember playing in 3 nationals (Indiana, New York, Detroit). I could never forget placing the highest in SJSU history in Nationals in 2000, 7th place. I miss the road trips, beating everyone in their own barn. I miss most my brothers and coaches. I played with broken bones to protect my team, I would have had to be dead not to play. Thanks for the best years of my life.

Joe Best
Seasons Played: 2002-2005
Position: Goaltender
Current City of Residence: Quantico, VA
Job: 2nd Lieutenant - United States Marine Corps
Memories of SJSU Hockey: Being part of a team of great guys. Going to practice, working hard and then coming together as a unit during the games. Knowing that everyone plays a key role on the team brings you together, and if one person fails, we all fail. Without playing on the hockey team I wouldn’t have felt like part of anything at SJSU and most likely would have enlisted without finishing school.

Road trips were awesome, we didn’t always win but we still managed to have fun without getting arrested (the hotel staff hated us, especially the front desk people in Boulder - ask Lowe about “water balloon” attacks). Playing in front of sellout crowds and feeding off their energy was a great feeling. Most players on the team didn’t play in front of too many large audiences before coming to SJSU. Last but not least, the best parties on campus! After the last home game of each weekend there would always be a hockey party. I have met some of the greatest people while playing and won’t ever forget the experience.

Donovan Tar
Seasons Played: 2000-2004
Position: Forward
Current City of Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Job: TV Sports Producer & Youth Hockey Coach
Memories of SJSU Hockey: Road trips!!! I played with a lot of good players but even better people. Playing alongside players like Kellam, Scott, Junor, Bligh, Lee, James, Marconcini, Whiteside, Hidas, Sakai, Mittleman, Gonterman, Lovins, Barney and everyone else I went into the trenches with every was the most enjoyable hockey I'd ever played. SJSU hockey memories can't be summed up in one game or play, but rather the whole student athlete experience; from practices at the old Eastridge Ice Rink to the National Tournament in New York City, SJSU hockey was such a great time that words couldn't even begin to describe it. I lived some of the best years of my life while playing SJSU hockey!

Brendan Bligh
Seasons Played: 1998-2003
Position: Right Wing
Current City of Residence: San Diego, CA
Memories of SJSU Hockey: Fondest memories of SJSU hockey are just the times spent with the boys. The room, road trips, late night skates, beers, 550 S. 11th St, drunk football, Madden wars, Junor doin the robot, Matty facing his fears, Donny playin the "organ," the Viking, dish network dancing, Lonny streaking through Sorority Broom Ball, Mullets, danglin, bag skates, fist pumps, goin tweeners, Lahrsy telling us how the beer tasted better after a win, Mitty sayin "How you doin?" (classic laugh) The T Rex, Al "pittyin fools," peewee bull@#$% hockey, "You've lost that lovin feelin...", "When does the Tiger hunt?" Chalk drawings, last minute party's, closets, Ray Kellam Motorcycle, A. Scott's scoring records, hotel cops, RTVF dress up, "What the Puck is goin on," OT winners, Bears hard hat, Coffee table N'SYNC, the ladies, pump up music, red bulls, watermelon gum, Eastridge, "Power Laps," Santana, rookies, vets, old boys, "__ is the worst lead in hockey," "lookin like a little boy...," Mission Ale House, hosses, Saturday Nights, the old barn, pullin on the sweater, lacin up the knives, "Buttoning chin straps down and pinning ears back...," Most of all, 20 guys without a care in the world. Best years of my life, thanks boys!

John Dutra
Seasons Played: 2002-2003
Position: Defenseman
Current City of Residence: Morgan Hill, CA
Job: I work for Cinnabar Hills Golf Club
Memories of SJSU Hockey: SJSU Hockey was some of the best years of hockey I ever played.

Jerry Hall
Seasons Played: 2000-2002
Position: Defenseman
Current City of Residence: Gustine, CA
Job: Pacific Gas & Electric
Family: Married with a 4-year old girl
Memories of SJSU Hockey: The fans were always great. So many long nights at the hockey house. Seeing Peter Hayes drop the mac daddy every weekend. I was lucky to get to play for great coaches, and alongside so many talented players. In my spare time, I restore vintage VW's. I'm very proud of SJSU Hockey and look forward to watching them in the future.

Steve Junor
Seasons Played: 1998-2002
Position: Right Wing
Current City of Residence: Newport Beach, CA
Job: Opto-Mechanical Engineer for Advance E/O Systems (Tustin, CA)
Memories of SJSU Hockey: Was a member of the Orange Coast College (go Pirates!) team that lost to SJSU in the '95 finals of the ole' PCHA (Pacific College Hockey Association). Then OCC BEAT SJSU in '96. Met some of my best friends playing for the Spartans. Loved the road trips and ALL the characters that I've played with. From Valeh Amerikanian ("The Flying Armenian") to Aaron Scott (SJSU all-time leading scorer), I've got stories to fill 10-11 volumes (some not suitable for younger audiences).

Mike Gonterman
Seasons Played: 1998-2002
Position: Right Wing
Current City of Residence: San Jose, CA
Job: Working in the family business
Memories of SJSU Hockey: I enjoyed it and miss it very much. Can't play anymore because my left knee is messed up beyond repair. If it was better I would be back out on the ice in a second using up my last year of eligibility.

Scott Mittleman
Seasons Played: 1995-2001
Position: Right Wing, Center
Current City of Residence: Gilroy, CA
Job: Employed at Franklin McKinley School District (year-round) and Archbishop Mitty High School (Summers only)
Family: Married (Wife: Jenna; Kids: coming soon)
Memories of SJSU Hockey: There have been so many great moments at SJSU Ice Hockey that it would be too hard to list them all. During my time at SJSU, I served as Treasurer, Vice President, and President. Some of my favorite on-ice moments include: attending Nationals three times (Tampa '95-'96, New Jersey '97-'98 and Indiana '99-'00). Pulling out a 1-1 tie with Stony Brook College and ranking 10th at Nationals was incredible! Other moments include our line brawl at USC - not sure if Pellegrino ever gave back the USC jersey he ripped off that player. Also, having a Weber State fan pour a soda on me while I was in the penalty box was memorable. Off the ice, I will never forget the Tyler Ham T-Rex and Brendan Bligh Will Hunting impressions, as well as Junor doing the James Brown at any pub on a road trip.

Note to the current players: Have fun, play hard for all sixty minutes and remember “button those chinstraps down, pin those ears back and lets go to work!”

Kyle Ryan
Seasons Played: 1997-2000
Position: Defenseman
Current City of Residence: Mountain View, CA
Job: Photo Assistant/Photograhper
Family: Currently Married
Memories of SJSU Hockey: Playing hockey for SJSU was one of the best teams I have ever played on. We went to Nationals two of the three years I played there. Nationals were crazy. The first year we went, we were seeded in the last spot of all the teams. We ended up doing really well, surprising us and the other teams we played. One team started their backup goalie and maybe 10 minutes into the game we were out-playing them and they put their starter in the net. They were not expecting a challenge from us. We finished in 15th place out of thirty teams, and in second place out of the West Coast teams. The road trips with the team was always the highlight of the season.

The rivalries we had with some of the other teams made for some intense games. I always hated playing against Palmer because their team was so much physically bigger than our team. The games were brutal and always a fight 'til the final whistle, but I don't think that we ever lost to them.

Growing up in California you never really get a chance to play in front of a big crowd, but when we played in Utah against Weber it was always a packed crowd. Maybe around 1,500 people. They have an arena just for hockey and it was packed ever time we played. 1,500 people all rooting against you. This is a place that you don't want to get a penalty because the box is on the opposite side of the ice next to the crowd. The fans scream, pound on the glass and throw things at you as you are sitting in the box. Weber was always better and faster than us but we did manage to beat them in their own arena, that was one of the highlights of my time at SJSU.

Ryan Sullivan
Seasons Played: 1997
Position: Center, Defenseman
Current City of Residence: Austin, TX
Job: I am a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, and will be undergoing UH-60 BlackHawk Helicopter flight training after I transfer to Ft. Benning and Ft. Rucker
Family: Not married, no kids
Memories of SJSU Hockey: Milton and I were taking bets on whether he, Tommy Pellegrino, or I would amass the most penalties minutes during the Gold Rush Tournament in 1998. Of course, Tommy beat everyone. But not by much.

Mike Bruins
Seasons Played: 1992-1996
Position: Goaltender
Current City of Residence: San Jose, CA
Job: I work for Logitech Ice at San Jose and Sharks Ice at Fremont as the Participant/Business Development Manager
Family: Currently Married
Memories of SJSU Hockey: I still consider the four years that I spent playing for SJSU Hockey some of the best years of my life. During my time at SJSU, I served as the club Treasurer, Vice President & President, and it was exciting to be involved withe the team during first years of its existence. I met some great friends during my years at State - many of whom I still see, play hockey, and keep in touch with on a regular basis. Watching the team grow during the last 15 years has been a thrill, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the program!

Martin Denis
Seasons Played: 1992-1996
Position: Center, Defenseman
Current City of Residence: Livermore, CA
Job: Owner of the Bay Area's best hockey shop: M Sports
Memories of SJSU Hockey: Met some great friends along the way playing hockey at SJSU (one of them to this day remains my best friend, Jim Campbell), and yes, back then Ron Glasow made his debut coaching (or so he called it).

Lou Siville
Seasons Played: 1991-1995
Position: Goaltender
Current City of Residence: St. Louis, MO
Job: Director of Marketing, St. Louis Blues
Family: Married with 1 Daughter (Wife: DeAnn; Daughter: Lillian)

Cory Nykoluk
Seasons Played: 1991-1995
Position: Left Wing
Current City of Residence: Oakdale, CA
Job: Currently the Design Director: Hardlines/5.11 Tactical
Family: Married in 2000, 1 son, 1 daughter
Memories of SJSU Hockey: There was nothing like being coached by Ro Glasow. Not only did he help me understand life through the game of hockey, but he enlightened my design sense. I can still remember the suit with seven different shades of brown.

Greg Bruins
Seasons Played: 1992-1994
Position: Wing
Current City of Residence: San Mateo, CA
Job: Web Developer
Family: Married. Kids: Ryan, Ashley

Gordie Turner
Seasons Played: 1990-1993
Position: Left Wing
Current City of Residence: San Jose, CA
Job: Customer Service, Abbott Diabetes Care World Wide
Family: Married
Memories of SJSU Hockey: I was one of the original Spartans. My highlights included witnessing Steve Stich score the first Spartan goal ever, listening (and being spit on) during Ron's tirades, surviving the first Oregon bus trip, and watching Dan Zenk rip off an opposing player's helmet and beat him with it.

In practice, I loved dominating our goalies, Mike Bruins and Lou Siville. Lou only had two weaknesses: one, shoot low to his crutch side and two, go high over his purse.

Jim Campbell
Seasons Played: 1990-1993
Position: Center
Current City of Residence: Danville, CA
Job: Marketing Executive, Digital Fountain, Inc.
Family: Married (Leigh Ann), 2 Children (William and Ryan)
Memories of SJSU Hockey: I have lots of great memories from my association with the SJSU Hockey Team. As an original member of the team, watching our club form and grow was an incredibly rewarding experience. Of course, recording the first assist of Steve Stich's historical first goal in team history was also very exciting. Our first State Championship - a victory over St. Mary's in Fresno was one of the most exciting events of my life - as was the second State Championship victory vs. Stanford. But by far, the most rewarding experience was playing with such a great group of guys. Some of my closest and most valued friendships are with my former teammates (Martin Denis was the best man at my wedding!) and as a proud alumni, I enjoy meeting the new players as they come up through the program. It is safe to say that some of the best times of my life were spent as a member of the SJSU Hockey Team. I couldn't be more proud of my association with this team!

Check out the SJSU Hockey Alumni page on Facebook for the latest SJSU Hockey Alumni news. Here are some more updates on SJSU Hockey Alumni...

Kelly Betpolice: Kelly patrolled the pipes as one of the Spartans' starting goaltenders from 1991-1993 where he was an integral part of 2 PCHA Championship teams. He graduated from SJSU in 1995 with a degree in Management Information Studies, and currently works for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Kelly resides in San Jose.

Joel Jenkins: Undoubtedly the most popular player in the history of SJSU Ice Hockey, Joel played defense for the Spartans from 1991-1998. During his tenure at SJSU, Joel regularly led the Spartan defense in scoring, and was a member of 4 PCHA Championship teams and 4 National Tournament squads. Joel lives in San Jose.

Tony Bennett: Tony played for the Spartans from their inaugural season in 1990 through 1997, where he was a part of 4 PCHA Championship teams and 3 ACHA National Tournament teams. He graduated from SJSU with a Master's Degree in Marine Science, as well as a teaching credential. Tony served as the Head Coach for the SJSU 'B' team in 1994-1995. he currently teaches both Sciende and Math at Oak Grove High School. He and his family reside in Campbell.

Ed Gabel: Ed played for the Spartans from 1991-1992 and was a member of the club's first PCHA Championship team. He graduated from SJSU with a Master's Degree in Kinesiology in 1992, and for a time, served as one of the team's Assistant Coaches. Currently, Ed and his wife, Theresa, are the owners and operators of ET Sports, a local custom graphics company. Ed, Theresa, and their 3 children reside in San Jose.

Jeff Waite: Jeff played for the Spartans from 1990-1995 where he helped lead the Spartans to 3 PCHA Championships and 1 ACHA National Tournament berth. As a member of the inaugural Spartan Ice hockey squad, Jeff served as the team's first Captain, and also served as Alternate Capatin during the following two seasons. He graduated from SJSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies in 1996, and currently resides in San Ramon.

Ian MacKenzie: Ian played for the Spartans from 1992-1995, and was a member of 2 PCHA championship teams and the first ACHA National Tournament team in 1995. During the 1993-1994 season, Ian was awarded the Gilbert Ip award as the team’s Most Valuable Player. He graduated from SJSU with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology in 1994, and he currently serves as the Head Coach of the DeAnza College Varsity Football team – a position he has held since 1995. Ian resides in Cupertino.

Andre Chevalier: Andre skated for the Spartans during the 1995-1996 season. He was a member of the first SJSU ACHA National Tournament team in 1995, and has served the team as it’s official Team Doctor since his retirement. Currently, Andre is the Director of TEAM Clinic Medical Group in Santa Clara, California, and has also served as Team Chiropractor for the San Jose Rhinos of Roller Hockey International as well as an on-call spinal specialist to visiting RHI, IHL, and NHL teams. He resides in San Jose.

Tony Destro: Tony skated for the Spartans from 1991-1995, helping the team earn 4 PCHA Championships and one ACHA National Tournament berth. Tony is best remembered for scoring a dramatic overtime goal vs. USC to give the Spartans their final PCHA Championship in 1995. Currently, he works as a recruiter and resides in San Jose.

Rick Kilduff: Rick was a member of the Spartan Hockey team during the 1991-1992 season, where he served as a mainstay on defense to help the Spartans earn their first PCHA Championship victory. He graduated from SJSU in 1992 with a degree in Marketing, and, along with former defensive partner and alumnus, Rick Burke, served as Head Coach of the SJSU 'B' team from 1995-1997. Rick and his wife currently reside in San Jose where he is the Regional Sales Manager for a local computer company.

Pat Foley: Pat played for the Spartans from 1992-1994, and served as the team's 3rd Captain during his final year of play. A crafty centerman from the Boston, MA area, Pat helped lead the Spartans to 2 PCHA Championships, as well as their first ACHA National Tournament berth in 1995. He received his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from SJSU, and now serves as an Engineer for Bay Networks in Boston, MA.

Brent Faulhaber: Brent skated for the Spartans from 1993-1998, and was a member of 2 PCHA Championship squads and 2 ACHA National Tournament teams. He was elected to the position of team Treasurer in 1994. Additionally, he ranks in the top 3 in the categories of goals, assists, and points in a single season. Brent graduated from SJSU in 1998 with a degree in Accounting, and currently works as an accountant at Solution-Soft in Santa Clara. He resides in San Jose, CA.

Keith Holowecky: Keith played for the Spartans from 1992-1994, and was a member of 2 PCHA Championship teams. In both of his seasons as a Spartan, Keith was awarded the Steve Stich Award as the team's most improved player, and is currently the only Spartan to be awarded this honor in 2 consecutive seasons. He graduated from SJSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1994, and currently works as an electronic hardware engineer in the area.

Rick Burke: Rick played for the Spartans during their first full season in 1991-1992, and was instrumental in helping the team achieve it's first PCHA Championship that season. Along with former teammate and defensive partner, Rick Kilduff, he served as the Head Coach of the SJSU 'B' team from 1995-1997. He graduated from SJSU in 1992 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, and currently works as a Product Manager for the Lifescan Corp. here in the Bay Area. Rick and his family reside in San Jose.

Dan Zank: Dan played both forward and defense for the Spartans from 1990-1993, where he helped the team capture 3 PCHA Championship trophies. He graduated from SJSU in 1991 with a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation, and he received his MBA from Embry-Wriddle Aeronautical University in 1999. Dan works as an Administrator for the Hayward Municipal Airport. He and his family reside in San Jose.

Hugh Murphy: Hugh played forward for the Spartans from 1994-1997 where he was a member of 2 PCHA Championship teams and 2 ACHA National Tournament squads. While playing for the Spartans, Hugh also taught hunderds of people how to play hockey as an instructor for both the Ice Centre and the Pacific Hockey Association. Hugh is currently a Santa Clara County Sheriff's Deputy.

Jake Avis: A native of Detroit, MI, Jake skated for the Spartans from 1993-1995, and was a member of 2 PCHA Championship teams and one ACHA National Tournament squad. He graduated from SJSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation in 1996 and he currently works as a Captain with SkyWest Airlines. Jake resides in Denver, CO, keeps in contact with many of the other alumni and tries to catch up with the team whenever they visit Colorado.

Steve Campbell: Steve played for the Spartans during the 1993-1994 campaign, where he helped the team capture the PCHA Championship that season. He is currently finishing his Bachelor's Degree in Management at SJSU, while serving full-time as an analyst for the Federal Bureau of Investigations here in San Jose. Steve and his wife Maggie currently reside in San Jose.

Dave Powell: Dave skated for the Spartans from 1993-1997, helping the team capture 3 PCHA Championships and 2 ACHA National Championship berths. He served the club as both Vice-President and later President during his tenure as a Spartan, and he graduated from SJSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Business in 1997. Currently, Dave lives in San Jose where he works as a dispatcher for a local concrete company.

Kevin Fitzgibbons: Kevin played for the Spartans from 1991-1994, and was a member of 3 PCHA Championship teams and one ACHA National Tournament squad. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Management in 1994, and is currently the manager of "The Box Seat Sports Grill" in Morgan Hill.

Are you a Spartan Hockey alum? If so and you wish to be listed here, please contact Coach Ron or e-mail the webmaster.

Please include: seasons played, position(s), current city of residence, current job and family, and your favorite Spartan Hockey moment. We look forward to catching up with you!