Each year, the ACHA, through a coaches' poll, selects outstanding players from each of its four regions (Northeast, Southeast, Central, and West) to two All-American Teams (1st and 2nd team). The coaches also nominate an All-American MVP and a National Coach of the Year. In addition, the coaches also nominate All-Region Teams (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) as well as an All-Region MVP and a Regional Coach of the Year.
Previous Years' Honorees
Year Recipient Honor
2010-2011 Jeff Sawhill 2nd Team All-American
2010-2011 Jeff Sawhill 1st Team All-West Region
2010-2011 Andy Dickerson 2nd Team All-West Region
2010-2011 Alessandro Mullane 3rd Team All-West Region
2009-2010 Jeff Sawhill 2nd Team All-American
2009-2010 Jeff Sawhill 1st Team All-West Region
2009-2010 Andy Dickerson 2nd Team All-West Region
2008-2009 Sean Scarbrough 3rd Team All-West Region
2007-2008 Sean Scarbrough 3rd Team All-West Region
2006-2007 Ryan Lowe 2nd Team All-West Region
2006-2007 Ian Fazzi 3rd Team All-West Region
2005-2006 Ron Glasow National Coach of the Year
2005-2006 Ryan Lowe 1st Team All-American
2005-2006 Ryan Lowe 1st Team All-West Region
2005-2006 Sean Scarbrough 3rd Team All-West Region
2004-2005 Ron Glasow West Region Coach of the Year
2004-2005 Ryan Lowe 1st Team All-West Region
2004-2005 Sean Scarbrough 2nd Team All-West Region
2003-2004 Ryan Richardson 2nd Team All-American
1994-1995 Mike Bruins 1st Team National All-Tournament Team
At the end of every season the SJSU Hockey family comes together and recognizes their members' most outstanding achievements by way of four prestigious team awards: The Gilbert Ip Memorial Trophy (Most Valuable Player), The Gordie Turner Award (Most Dedicated Player), The Steve Stich Award (Most Improved Player), and The Barney Award (Toughest & Most Disciplined).
2012-2013 Award Winners
Kyle Dutra
The Gilbert Ip Memorial Trophy

In his 5th and final season with the team, Kyle once again was a lynchpin to the team's success. He was one of only four players to suit up for every Spartan game and finished 2nd in every key offensive category, including goals (24), assists (33), and points (57). He had 17 multi- point games and recorded three hat tricks and three playmakers. All-Time, Kyle finishes in the top 5 in games played (5th, 162), goals (4th, 99), assists (5th, 123), and points (5th, 222). 2012-13 marked the second full season Kyle spent as team captain and his teammates will surely miss his leadership on and off the ice in the coming seasons.
Nicholas Matejovsky
The Gordie Turner Award

Nick joins a select group of Spartans to have won two different team awards during their careers. Kyle Dutra (two-time MVP and '09-'10 Barney Award winner) is the only other Spartan to accomplish this feat. Through his hard work pumping iron and running hills, Nick took over the mantle previously held by former Spartan Steven Stichler as the most physically-fit specimen on the team. The extra dedication resulted in his most productive offensive season yet as he finished third in goals (22), tied for fourth in assists (25), and tied for third in points (47). Nick had multiple meaningful offensive outbursts as well, notching a hat trick and five points in an important 8-1 road win over Long Beach State on October 20th, 2012 and a tour de force of a performance against #1 Utah State on January 26th, 2013 as he recorded a hat trick and an assist to power the Spartans to a 4-3 upset win over the vaunted Aggies.
Sam Shayesteh
The Steve Stich Award

2012-13 marked the first season for Sam Shayesteh in a Spartan uniform, but it wasn't the first time he had skated on Spartan ice. Sam had tried out for the club the past two seasons without success, but he did not let his failures deter him. He became a rink rat, finding whatever ice time he could in order to improve his game. The work paid off in his selection to the 2012-13 squad and his continued work throughout the season eventually resulted in a regular spot in the lineup. Sam scored his first goal in his second game as a Spartan on November 9th, 2012 in a 21-0 thrashing of Stanford. He went on to record 3 goals and 2 assists in 16 appearances during the season, suiting up for every game in the second semester. Sam's improvement and constantly positive mental attitude earned him the respect of his peers and the 2012-13 Steve Stich Award as the team's Most Improved Player.
Nicholas Matejovsky
The Barney Award

In his 3rd season with the team, Nick became the first three-time winner of the Barney Award as the team's most physical Spartan warrior. If he keeps this pace up they might have to rename the award after him! Nick established himself this past season as the team's most balanced offensive force by combining scoring ability, playmaking, and physicality all into one muscle-bound package. He became a cleaner player as well, cutting his penalty minute total nearly in half from the previous season (down to 55 PIM's in 2012-13 from 93 in 2011-12).
Previous Years' Award Winners
The Gilbert Ip Memorial Trophy
Gilbert Ip was an original member of the SJSU Hockey team who tragically died in 1992. The MVP trophy is awarded annually to the player as voted by his teammates to have made the greatest on-ice contributions to the team throughout the year.
Year Recipient
1990-1991 Cody Smith
1991-1992 Elliot Chung
1992-1993 Martin Denis
1993-1994 Ian McKenzie
1994-1995 Joel Jenkins
1995-1996 Joel Jenkins
1996-1997 Danny Thibeau
1997-1998 Ryan Berry
1998-1999 Tyler Ham
1999-2000 Eric Lahrs
2000-2001 Scott Mittleman
2001-2002 Jason Marconcini
2002-2003 Aaron Scott
2003-2004 Mason Nave
2004-2005 Sean Scarbrough
2005-2006 Ryan Lowe
2006-2007 Ryan Lowe
2007-2008 Sean Scarbrough
2008-2009 Sean Scarbrough
2009-2010 Sam Cimino
2010-2011 Alessandro Mullane
2011-2012 Kyle Dutra

The Steve Stich Award
The Steve Stich award is given annually to the player who demonstrates the most improvement in all aspects of the game over the course of the year. Steve was the founder of the SJSU Hockey club, its first president, its first leader, and a man whom all of us will forever be indebted to. In 1994 the MIP was fittingly re-christened the “Stich”.
Year Recipient
1991-1992 Steve Stich
1992-1993 Keith Holowicky
1993-1994 Keith Holowicky
1994-1995 Cory Nykoluk
1995-1996 Dan Dzacowic
1996-1997 Jeff Fucik
1997-1998 Peter Hayes
1998-1999 Brendan Bligh
1999-2000 Chris Sakai
2000-2001 Jim Hennessy
2001-2002 Tevia Arlidge
2002-2003 Kevin Von Raesfeld
2003-2004 Trevor Lee
2004-2005 Kelly Spain
2005-2006 Aaron Hernandez
2006-2007 Shawn Hickey
2007-2008 Walt Chu
2008-2009 Jeff Kuncaitis
2009-2010 Richie Norris & Mason Console
2010-2011 Adam Steadman
2011-2012 Richie Norris
The Gordie Turner Award
The Gordie Turner Award is presented to the Spartan player who best exemplifies the true meaning of commitment and dedication to the team. Gordie was a member of the team for four years, during which time he never missed a practice, never missed a game, and was a constant inspiration to his teammates. That selfless attitude is what SJSU Hockey prides itself on duplicating each and every year and hopes to generate in each and every player both on the ice and in all aspects of life.
Year Recipient
1991-1992 Gordie Turner
1992-1993 Gordie Turner
1993-1994 Gordie Turner
1994-1995 Lou Siville
1995-1996 Mike Bruins
1996-1997 Alex Hidas
1997-1998 Alex Hidas
1998-1999 Alex Hidas
1999-2000 Steve Junor
2000-2001 Chris Webber
2001-2002 Steve Junor
2002-2003 Chris Sakai
2003-2004 Ray Kellam
2004-2005 Ray Kellam
2005-2006 Ray Kellam
2006-2007 Max Ramsay
2007-2008 Robbie Vaughan
2008-2009 Andy Dickerson
2009-2010 Steven Stichler
2010-2011 Andy Dickerson
2011-2012 Walt Chu

The Barney Award
The Barney Award was instituted in 2005 in honor of graduating senior Jon Barney and has henceforth been awarded to the Spartan warrior who through his attitude and play has shown that he will do anything to ensure the success of his team.
Year Recipient
2004-2005 Jon Barney
2005-2006 Ian Fazzi
2006-2007 Ian Fazzi
2007-2008 Skyler Yu
2008-2009 Skyler Yu
2009-2010 Kyle Dutra
2010-2011 Nicholas Matejovsky
2011-2012 Nicholas Matejovsky
Since its inception in 2006, the Club Sports Department at San Jose State University has given out a plethora of end-of-year awards to its teams, including Coach of the Year, Alumni of the Year, Advisor of the Year, Player of the Year, Play of the Year, and Team of the Year. In 2010, the format changed slightly so that in addition to the cross-sport awards each team could hand out some individual awards, including Newcomer of the Year, Most Improved Player, and MVP.
Previous Years' Award Winners
Year Recipient Honor
2009-2010 Team Team of the Year
2009-2010 Andy Dickerson Most Valuable Player
2009-2010 Richie Norris Most Improved Player
2009-2010 Sam Cimino Newcomer of the Year
2008-2009 Kristin Appleton Alumni of the Year
2007-2008 Ron Glasow Coach of the Year
2007-2008 Kristin Appleton Alumni of the Year
2007-2008 Jason Goldstein Soul Award
2007-2008 Mickey Rhodes Play of the Year
2006-2007 Team Team of the Year