Entering his first season as Team President, Cody has a great deal of responsibilities on his plate. Cody is in charge of overseeing all of the team's administrative activities and must coordinate with his fellow officers, staff members, and coaches to make sure the team is successful both on and off the ice. Nick is also responsible for compiling the team's game and practice schedule, securing coaching and insurance for the team, and ensuring that the team is always in compliance with ACHA and USA Hockey regulations.

Cody is #88 on the ice.


Schuyler is entering his third season in the challenging role of Treasurer and is responsible for managing one of the team's most important assets: its money! Among Schuyler's duties include scheduling travel arrangements for the team, keeping detailed records of all revenues and expenses, and ensuring the team adheres to a strict budget. He also handles all financial communications as they relate to the IRS and state and local governments.

Schuyler is #54 on the ice.


Winston is entering his first full season as the team's General Manager. He is responsible for working with the officers, coaches, volunteers, and other staff members to ensure that the club is organized and its administrative needs are fulfilled. He also assists the team with its travel arrangements, helps secure and maintain a positive relationship with the team's sponsors, and ensures that all players are eligible and matriculating towards graduation.

Winston also serves as the Club Sports Coordinator at San Jose State University, overseeing all 25 of the school's non-NCAA athletic teams. Additionally, Winston is a former SJSU Hockey player! He re-established the school's Division III hockey team after a multi-year hiatus and served as its President from 2013-2015.

Erik is an integral part of the Spartan staff who makes sure the team presents itself in a proper and professional manner. Erik's best work can be seen at every game as he is the genius behind the team's uniform re-design in 2007 and their special 20th anniversary jerseys in 2010. In addition to keeping the team's look fresh and current, Erik is responsible for creating the team's print and online advertisements, designing artwork for team merchandise and equipment and working with the team's officers to conceptualize the team's annual media guide.

Erik's affiliation with the SJSU Hockey team dates back to 1997-98 when, as he describes, "attempted (keyword attempted) to tryout for the SJSU hockey club, but failed miserably." Erik went on to attend Diablo Valley College and in 2003 received a certificate in Multimedia & Graphic Design. During the NHL lockout season of 2004-05, Erik rediscovered SJSU hockey thanks to "Ghost Spartan" co-designer Amber Sheldon and has been hooked ever since.

Self-proclaimed "Ambassador to Hockey in the Bay Area" Erik currently works as a produce clerk at Safeway.