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Photo Courtesy of Naz Bahari
04/26/14 - SJSU Hockey in Dubai
By the Staff
From former Spartan Naz Bahari: a great story of Spartans working and playing the sport they love while living abroad and continuing the friendships they made while a part of the SJSU Hockey program. Here it is in his own words:

"My name is Naz Bahari, I played for SJSU from 95-98 mainly for our B team and was a backup goalie on the A team. Brent Faulhaber, who was the former captain around the same time is to my left, and Jeff Fucik, who played 95-96 is to my right. Jeff and I are both captains at Emirates Airlines in Dubai and we play here 2-4 times a week. Brent made the 14 hour trip to play in the appropriately named "Camels Tournament" this year in April. We dusted off the old jerseys, some tighter than others, and took these pictures for you guys. I was reading the Alumni page and saw the question "fondest memories at SJSU" I would have to say it's definitely the amazing friends I've seen grown and become successful in almost 20 years of our lives.


Naz Bahari
Captain, Emirates Airlines"
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